Born 1962 in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, lives in Munich, D and in Reading, UK

Works in collections 

National Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian State Museum, St Perterburg

State Art Museum N. Onac'koho, Sumy, Ukraine

Zenko Foundation, Kyiv

Julia & Marat Guelman Collection, Moscow

Mars Gallery, М'АРС (МАРС, MAR'S), Moscow

Igor Voronov Art Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine

Stedley Art Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine

State Museum of Art, Khmelnytsk

State Museum of Art, Sumy


Reading International

Sessional Lecture, Art School, Reading University, UK 

Visiting Lecturer, Bremen Kunst Akademie, Bremen

Visiting Lecturer, Institut For Theory / EIN FORSCHUNGSINSTITUT DER ZHDK, Zurich

Visiting Lecturer, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Gent



Ukrainian National Pavilion Venice, (catalogue)

Failing to Raise the Fallen Flag The Shukhliada exposition environment, Kyiv, (catalogue)


Permanent Revolution. Ukrainian Art Today  Ludwig Museum, Budapest, (catalogue)

Art Work, State Art Gallery, Wroclaw, (catalogue)


A Story about Certain Histories Labirynt Gallery

FLASHBACK. Ukrainian media art of the 1990s  Mystecjkyj Arsenal, Kyiv, (catalogue)


Artist's Work, Mystecjkyj Arsenal, Kyiv

Liquid Trust, G.R.A.D. Gallery London

Liquid Trust performance, ICA London


SZUPERNOVA 32Vozodvishenka Arts House, Kiev, (catalogue)

UKRAINIAN ART NOW: SPACES OF IDENTITY The Courtauld Institute of Art, London


Unsettling the Setting Gasthaus zum Bären, Zürich

Premonition - Ukrainian Art Now Saatchi Gallery, London, (catalogue)

LIQUID TRUST Video with live music performance

Szuper Gallery and Curtain Razors with Michele Sereda, Ben Brown and China Cloud Ensemble and Voice Over Mind Choir. Book launch and artist talk. Western Front, Vancouver
BALLET Book Launch, Screening and and Talk Instititute of Contemporary Arts, London

BALLET ++++++ OUT NOW ONCURATING Books, Zurich, 2014 ISBN 978-3-9524078-1-3

Ballet features Szuper Gallery's recent performance and installation projects at the Kunstmuseum Thun, MacKenzie Art Gallery Regina, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading as well as Szuper Gallery‘s collaboration with Michele Sereda and Curtain Razors. It contains video and installation stills, performance scripts, a series of paintings by Pavlo Kerestey and essays by Timothy Long, Dorothee Richter and Lars Gertenbach and Susanne Clausen. Edited by Susanne Clausen and designed by Fraser Muggeridge Studio.



Terrain Orientation, Curated by Galyna Skliarenko, NAMU, Ukrainian National Museum, Kyiv


New Social Sculpture Kunstmuseum Thun

New Ukrainian Figurative, Curated by Olexander Soloviov, ART KYIV contemporary 2012, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv

Mith "Ukrainian Baroque", National Art Museum, Kiev


INDEPENDENT, Mystecjkyj Arsenal




ЯКЩО/ЕСЛИ/IF, Ukrainian Art in Transition, Histories, Ukrainian paintings from the collection of Marat Guelman, Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm


Ukranian New Wave, National Art Museum , Kyiv


Farewell Arms. Arsenal, Kyiv


First collection, Ukrainian Contemporary Art, Ukrainian Artists' Union Gallery, Kyiv, (catalogue)


Art against Geography. The State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, (catalogue) 


Abstraction in Russian Art, The State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, (catalogue) 


Post Anaesthesia, Grassi Museum, Dresden, (catalogue)


Dialogue with Kiev, Villa Stuck, Munich

Still, Ukrainian Artists' Union Gallery, Kiev


Art Expo, International Art Fair, Budapest, (catalogue)

Art Myth. 2nd Moscow International Art Fair, Manege, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow, (catalogue)


Babilon, Marat Guelman Collection, Moscow

Ukrainian MalARTstvo, Kiev, Odense, Copenhagen, (catalogue)

Art Myth, 1st Moscow International Art Fair, Central House of Artists, Moscow , (catalogue)

Young Art from Ukraine, House of Soviet Science and Culture, Budapest 


Republican Exhibition of Young Artist, House of Artist, Kiev 

Youth of the Country, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow


1st Soviet-American Exhibition, Soviart, Kiev, (catalogue)

Exhibition of Young Artists of the socialist countries, Central Exhibition Hall, Manege, Moscow

Exhibition of works of young artists, Central Exhibition Hall, Manege, Moscow

1st All Union Painting Exhibition-Competition, Central House of Artists, Moscow


Youth of the Country, Manege, Central Exhibition Hall, Kiev


2017 Ilko Gallery, Uzhhorod


Ballet Granite, Slow Cooling Rocks, PERMM, Contemporary Art Museum of Perm, Russia

Neue soziale Skulpturen, Kunstmuseum Thun, CH

 Inter/act1 /Szuper Gallery, Kunstmuseum Thun, CH

2011 Performance of Ballet The MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Canada

2010 BALLET, Museum of English Rural Life, Reading, UK 

2008 The Extras, A Staged Performance for Canadian Prairie, Regina, Canada

2007 Work/Arbeit/Rabota, Artists Studio, London

2007 Szuper Gallery, Les Complices, Zurich

2006 The Extras, Szuper Gallery, Kunsthalle Helsinki

2005 Nightshifts, Western Front, Vancouver 

2005 The Extras, Live Art Biennial, Vancouver

2005 Rehearsing the Extras, Performance, Forum Box, Helsinki

2004 homeland security - something always follows something else, Para/Site Art space, Hong Kong

2002 gallery fiction, KünstlerHaus, Bremen

2002 QUIVID, Technisches Rathaus München, Munich

2001-05 LIFTARCHIV, KVR, München,

2001 Circus artists under the big top: clueless - and other business strategies, Performance, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London 

2001 mobile parasitic architecture, Galerie der Künstler, Munich 

2001 Szuper Gallery, Künstlerhaus, Bremen

2000 Venice, Installation, openings days the Tate Modern, South London Gallery, London

1999 Daytrading is the New Rock ‘n Roll, ICA, London

1999 Creativity versus Commerce, Audio-Performance, ICA, London

1998 30 Underwood Street Gallery, London

1998 Galerie Brighi presente Szuper Gallery, Galerie Szuper, Paris 

1998 Contemporary Art, Szuper Gallery, München

1998 Szuper, Guelman Gallery, Moscow

1998 Police, Galerie 03 Würzburg, Pudelclub Hamburg and Shedhalle Zurich 

1997 Schwerelose Radikale, Blank Gallery, Kiev

1996 Clausen, Hilt, Kerestej zeigen Larry Clark, Galerie Szuper, Munich

1995 Radikaler Chic, Galerie Szuper, München

1995 Schwerelose Radikale, Galerie Szuper, Munich

"Swerelose Radikale", Blank Gallery , Kiev

1991 Guelman Gallery, Moscow 

Jean Claude David Galerie, Grenoble


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Pavlo Kerestey work together with Susanne Clausen as a SZUPER GALLERY from 1994


2010 Fallstudie - Künstlerische (Selbst) Ausbildung, HFBK Dresden

2010 Festival VideoDanzaBa, Microcine in Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010 Club Attend, Rotterdam, May 2010 , Rotterdam

2010 Moves 10: Framing Motion, Bluecoat, Liverpool

2010 Transfer Zone 4 - Temporary Community - Temporary Life, White Space / Office for Curating / Art / Theory and the 

Institute of Critical Theory, Zurich, CH

2009 Barefoot in the Head, Performa 09, New York, Bruce High Quality Foundation, New York

2009 The Artist's Studio (part of Shezad Dawood's project) Compton Verney, UK

2009 Translation Paradoxes and Misunderstandings, Shedhalle Zurich, CH

2009 Self Aquisition, Zeh Gallery, Kiev, UA

2008 Curatorial Vaudeville, NDS Curating, zhdk, Zurich, CH 2008 Loving Revolution, Kiazma, Museum of Contemporary Art, 


2007 4:33, Kunstverein Bregenz, Austria

2007 Bohemian Work Out, Lothringer 13 /Laden, Munich

2006 Sprung ins Kalte Wasser, Shedhalle Zurich

2005 The Extras, Live Art Biennial, Vancouver

2005 Play without a Stage, Shedhalle Zurich

2005 Xenopolis, Galerie im Rathaus, Munich

2005 Loop, Video Art Biennial, Barcelona

2004 Trading Places, Pumphouse Gallery, London

2004, ICA, London

2004 Electric Earth, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago de Chile etc. touring

2004 BIG TITS RULE, 1 000 000 mph project space, London

2003 Electric Earth, British Council, Video Art from Britain 

2003 Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, RU National Museum, Moscow, RU

2003 Curating Degree Zero, Plugin, Basel und Centre d'Art Contemporain Genf, CH

2003 Hair the Show, Tablet Gallery, London 

2002 Another Swiss Version, AR/GE KUNST Museum, Bolzano

2002 Am Anfang der Bewegung stand ein Skandal, Kunstraum hosted by 

Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus Museum, Munich

2001 Televisions, Kunsthalle, Wien

2001 Temporary Accommodation, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

2001 What’s Wrong? Trade Appartment, London

2001 (un)cut special edition: artists as diplomats, Lux Gallery, London

2001 The Daniela Johnson Company, Berlin

2001 Freepulse, 9th Biennial of Moving Images, Centre d’image Contemporain, Geneva

2001 On The Margin, Plugin Gallery, Winnipeg

2001 Mute Loops, Lux Gallery, London

2000 Version 2000, Centre d’image contemporain, Geneva

2000 Without Day, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh

2000 Working Title, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston upon Thames

2000 Russia is still dangerous, Screening, Kunstverein, Munich

2000 Videoex 2000, Kaserne, Zurich

1999 Crash!, Institute of Contemporary Art, London

1999 Dial M…for, Kunstverein, Munich

1999 Limit Less, Galerie Krinzinger, Wien

1999 First Toronto Video Biennal, Toronto

1999 Biennale für Medien und Architektur, Graz

1999 8. Biennal of the Moving Image, Centre de I’image contemporain, Geneva 

1999 Remote Sensing, Living Art Museum, Reykjavik

1999 Programm Fernsehen, Shedhalle, Zurich, CH 

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